Frequently asked questions

Do you have a specific question for Live Music Production? You’re sure to find your answer in the following list of FAQs.

Does everyone have to have a ticket?
Yes, for reasons of security and responsibility..
I cannot attend the concert for health reasons. Can I ask for a refund?
Unfortunately not, unless you bought insurance at your point of sale.
The concert has been cancelled. Where can I get a refund?
Please return to the point of sale where the tickets were purchased within 30 days.
If I go to a concert with a “standing” ticket, can I take a folding chair with me?
For security reasons, objects such as helmets, folding chairs, umbrellas, flags etc. are strictly FORBIDDEN. For all events there are always specific terms & conditions at your disposal.
I wish to go to the concert with my 12 year-old child. Do I need to purchase a ticket for them?
Yes, because everyone must always have a ticket to access the venue.
I use a wheelchair. Where can I purchase my ticket?
Call LMP on 022 994 31 31. Bookings depend on availability. While tickets are free for anyone using a wheelchair, an accompanying person is compulsory.
I am going to arrive at the concert early. Will there be anywhere I can have a bite to eat?
All of our events have drink and snacks facilities (sandwiches, hot-dogs, panini).
I am a minor, can I attend one of your events?
Swiss law applies to our concerts: youngsters under 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or a delegated responsible person. As a principle, simple authorisation is not enough. It is impossible for us to verify every person attending our events; in addition, attendees have sole responsibility as regards the Police in the event of checks.